Peckham Family Companies

Dailey Precast, LLC

Dailey Precast, LLC specializes in the design and manufacturing of quality precast/prestressed concrete products, parking structures, building exteriors, bridges, sports stadiums, and retaining walls.


E. Tetz & Sons, LLC

Located in Middletown, NY, E. Tetz and Sons, LLC and Tetz Asphalt, LLC (collectively “Tetz”) is the leading aggregate, ready-mix concrete, and hot-mix asphalt producer in the Hudson Valley and surrounding areas.

JSL Materials, Inc.

The aggregate operations of John S. Lane & Son produce crushed stone and gravel. JSL Asphalt supplies and installs bituminous concrete for roadways, commercial projects, and parking lots.

Palmer Paving Corp.

Palmer Paving Corp. provides hot mix asphalt and road construction services throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut.


Peckham Asphalt Resale Corp.

Peckham Asphalt Resale Corp., provides liquid asphalt products.


Peckham Materials Corp.

Peckham Materials Corp. produces aggregates and hot mix asphalt products at several locations from Bronx, NY as far north as Chestertown, NY.


Peckham Materials Corp.– Pleasant Valley, NY

Peckham Materials Corp. produces aggregates and hot mix asphalt products in Pleasant Valley, NY.


Peckham Road Corp.

Peckham Road Corp. provides paving and road construction services throughout New York.


Putnam Materials Corp.

Putnam Materials Corp. produces aggregates in Patterson, NY.

T. Miozzi, LLC

T. Miozzi, LLC of North Kingstown, Rhode Island, provides hot mix asphalt, paving and construction services, and aggregates. T. Miozzi operates a stone quarry located in Charlestown, Rhode Island, supplying aggregate to the local market.


William E. Dailey, Inc.

Based in southwestern Vermont, William E. Dailey, Inc. provides aggregates, hot-mix asphalt, and warm-mix asphalt.



Wingdale Materials, LLC

Wingdale Materials, LLC, produces aggregates in Wingdale, NY.