Sustainable Processes

Peckham Industries is committed to building a sustainable future for our members, customers, and communities for generations to come. Peckham offers cost-effective, sustainable options for our customers and communities that help both with the recycling of existing roadways and overall reduction in carbon emissions. Full Depth Reclamation, Cold in Place Recycling and Cold Mix Pavements allow for nearly 100% recycling of existing roadways. This also reduces fuel usage, trucking costs, and eliminates the need to use new aggregates. Each process provides a resilient solution for failing roadways that will ultimately extend their service life, while honoring Peckham’s commitment to the environment. To learn more, visit our Recycled Pavement Solutions page.


The Road Forward

Peckham Industries has been an active member of the National Asphalt Pavement Association (NAPA) since 1973. Most recently, the Peckham family has supported NAPA’s newest sustainability initiative, The Road Forward. The Road Forward is an industry-wide initiative focused on producing net-zero carbon emission asphalt pavements. Peckham was able to get in on the ground floor of this initive and was the first NAPA Producer Member to fund the work. By beneficiation of the earth’s resources to develop civilization in a custodial way, Peckham promises a safe and sustainable future for its communities, no matter how the road bends.

Behave Like You Own It

We are a leader in social and environmental programs that support and encourage improving the environment with a commitment to local communities. In January 2020, Peckham partnered with the Wildlife Habitat Council.  The WHC works with companies such as Peckham to explore opportunities to improve and protect biodiversity in and around our facilities. The WHC works to promote and certify environmental conservation and management on corporate lands/properties through partnerships and education. Initiatives promoted by the WHC translate corporate sustainability goals and objectives into tangible and measurable actions and achievable projects focusing on healthy ecosystems and connected communities.

As part of these efforts, Peckham has recently rolled out several initiatives that our members and facilities can participate in that are consistent with our values of being good neighbors in our communities and stewards of the environment. In the spring of 2022, Peckham planted 300 Shagbark Hickory trees at our facility in Wingdale, NY. These trees serve as habitats for bats in the area. 

Peckham also partnered with Lifesong, Inc., a local Upstate New York organization that provides working opportunities for adults with special needs. Lifesong built 60 bird boxes that have been placed at many Peckham facilities. These bird boxes are intended to support the Eastern Bluebird population which at one point was a threatened species due to loss of habitat and predators.

Buzzing Around the Northeast

In early spring of 2022, Peckham installed several bee hives at several of our plants throughout New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. These bee apiaries have been installed to support the local honey bee.