Our Culture: The Peckham Way

Welcome to Peckham Industries, Inc.

For 100 years, Peckham Industries has remained a family-owned construction and materials partner that has served New York State and New England with loyalty and mastery. Our familial background has allowed our team to implement safety, integrity, dedication, and efficiency into each project—all while simultaneously striving to enhance the communities that surround them. Peckham provides a wide range of products and services, including aggregates, asphalt pavements, paving and construction services, liquid asphalt, recycled pavement solutions, precast concrete parking structures, and more. Headquartered in Brewster, NY, Peckham’s extensive network throughout New York and New England includes hot mix asphalt plants, stone quarries, bulk asphalt terminals, paving and construction services, recycled pavement solutions, liquid calcium chloride and emulsion terminals, as well as the logistics capabilities and expertise to deliver those products. Relying on the forefront of family values for a century, the fourth generation of the Peckham family has built an organization that promises a safe and sustainable future that will allow it to grow and serve for the next 100 years.


We empower our people to provide value that serves members’ purpose, customers’ growth, and communities’ interests. We educate, innovate, and apply technology in a way that is safe, sustainable, inclusive and profitable.

Our Guiding Principle

We believe that our “Family by Choice” delivers value as the trusted supplier of construction materials, products and services in the communities we serve.

Core Values: Peckham By Your SIDE


Protect family & friends


  • Provide the appropriate safety tools, protocols and procedures for people to do their job effectively.
  • Take personal responsibility for safety – see something, do something.


  • Inspire people with messages and actions that keeps safety first and foremost in people’s minds.
  • Communicate often and seek feedback about new developments in safety reinforce why safety matters.


  • Make safety an everyday mindset.
  • Demonstrate zero tolerance for safety violations by taking corrective action immediately.

Safety always wins

  • Promote a workplace free from any type of harm or harassment.
  • Create a zero-incident environment for people to come to work everyday and perform at their best.


Our word is our bond

Honesty and truth

  • Always act with honesty and tell the truth.
  • Provide full disclosure – state the good and the bad.

Respect and engage

  • Treat all members of the team equally by nurturing an environment that is diverse, inclusive and fair.
  • Show genuine concern for people and their wellbeing.

Transparency and learning

  • Admit mistakes and learn from them.
  • Stay fact based and rational in times of uncertainty and crisis.

Ownership and caring

  • Behave like you own it.
  • Act when you see something wrong.


Committed to Serve


  • Put others first.
  • Collaborate – working together to solve challenges as one team.


  • Treat fellow members with respect.
  • Convey in actions and words a sense of ownership and passion for the company.


  • Show determination and drive in getting the job done with high-quality outcomes.
  • Work with intensity – always going the extra mile.


  • Continuously seek to improve – be the best we can be.
  • Educate and provide challenging developmental opportunities – enable others to be all they can be.


Results Matter

Compulsive tinkering

  • Continuously seek to improve our value proposition.
  • Effectively debate and align around a decision – best ideas win.


  • Remain open to new ways of doing things – actively experiment, leverage technology and engage new ideas.
  • Empower people to effectively execute and challenge the status quo.


  • Develop standard operating procedures to enable performance and growth.
  • Utilize agreed upon metrics to drive continuous improvement and performance.

Work-life rhythm

  • Seek opportunities to recognize, reward, and celebrate.
  • Create value through member engagement, sustainability and stakeholder partnerships.