Our Culture: The Peckham Way

Welcome to Peckham Industries, Inc.

Since our founding on March 17, 1924 by William H. Peckham,  Peckham Industries has remained a family-owned construction and materials partner. For over 98 years, Peckham has served eastern New York state and western New England with loyalty and adaptability. Our familial background has allowed our team to implement safety, integrity, dedication, and efficiency into each project—all while simultaneously striving to enhance the communities that surround them. Peckham provides a wide range of products and services, including aggregates, asphalt pavements, paving and construction services, reclamation and milling, precast concrete parking garage components and more. Headquartered in Brewster, NY, Peckham’s extensive network throughout New York and New England includes hot mix asphalt plants, stone quarries, bulk asphalt terminals, paving and construction services, liquid calcium chloride and emulsion terminals, as well as the logistics capabilities and expertise to deliver those products to you. Our generational experience allows us to construct your ideal project. Relying on the forefront of family values for a century, the fourth generation of the Peckham family has built an organization that promises a safe and sustainable future that will allow it to grow and guide for the next 100 years.

William H. ‘Bill’ Peckham

For nearly 100 years, our family-owned business has empowered communities through education, application, and inclusivity, governed by The Peckham Way. It represents generations of dedicated work in the form a “Family by Choice” mantra with a commitment to our reputation and legacy. We live and work by The Peckham Way each and every day. The Peckham Way enshrines the company’s century-long belief that “Our Word is Our Bond.” Those willing to keep promises this way embrace the “Family by Choice” ethos, which expands the familial culture of the company to encompass all employees and the family of companies. The Peckham Industries family lives to the highest standards of professionalism and is imbued with a “Results Matter” mindset, ensuring Peckham remains focused on its continued independent growth. Peckham’s core values, mission statement, and vision cement a belief system as stable as the infrastructure Peckham helps construct. United by the Peckham Way, employees build loyal customer relationships and deliver masterful results on their promises, propelling Peckham into its next century of growth.


We empower our people to provide value that serves employees purpose, customers growth, and communities’ interests. We educate, innovate, and apply technology in a way that is safe, sustainable, inclusive and profitable.


Our Guiding Principle

We believe that our “family by choice” delivers value as the trusted supplier of construction materials, products and services in the communities we serve.


Core Values

SAFETY: Protect family & friends
Obligated • Communicate • Focused • Safety always wins

INTEGRITY: Our word is our bond
Honesty and truth • Respect and engage • Transparency and learning • Ownership and caring

EFFICIENCY: Results matter
Compulsive tinkering • Innovation • Measurement • Work‐life rhythm

DEDICATION: Committed to serve
Humility • Loyalty • Determined • Mastery