Peckham’s 100th Anniversary

Join us on June 15, 2024, in Shaftsbury, VT, as we continue the festivities for our 100th anniversary!

Explore our facilities with exclusive tours, enjoy food trucks, games, raffles, engaging activities, and much more. In the spirit of community, we are organizing a food drive. Contribute by bringing a non-perishable item to aid those in need in our area. Mark your calendar and be apart of a memorable day as we celebrate this remarkable milestone!

We empower our people to provide value that serves members’ purpose, customers’ growth, and communities’ interests. We educate, innovate, and apply technology in a way that is safe, sustainable, inclusive, and profitable.

One hundred years ago, Peckham Industries was founded by Bill Peckham, a timekeeper at a local construction company. Over the last century hundreds of timekeepers, operators, laborers, drivers, and more have chosen to grow with our family. Compulsive tinkerers came and stayed for 30, 40, and sometimes over 50 years making continuous improvements with great impacts. Multiple generations of families have joined us to serve our customers and communities. There are few companies out there who can say the same.

The passion and dedication of our members created countless opportunities for our collective family to grow to more than 1,000 people today. We are humbled and extraordinarily grateful to everyone who has chosen to join the Peckham Family to improve our business, support our communities, and maintain our family by choice culture. We are equally grateful to our customers and vendors who have supported us through both challenging and exciting times. It is our great privilege to mark this milestone with you, 100 years later, as together we pave the way for generations to come. Thank you for taking this journey with us and we look forward to the many more years ahead!

-The Peckhams

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The mastery of Peckham members at work