Embracing Diversity

Diversity and inclusion are rooted in our core values – safety, integrity, dedication, and efficiency, which are embedded in how we show up every day. Our values are the foundation of our success and growth. Not only will our values pave the way for future success, but they also allow our members to act with intention, ownership, and care to promote diversity and inclusion for all stakeholders.

We believe in continuous development, improvement, and performance for our members. Creating value through member engagement, sustainability, and stakeholder partnerships ensures we have the talent and capabilities to sustain continued growth.

Our Family By Choice culture allows us to be an organization that has a culture of honesty, truth, transparency, and learning. Diversity and inclusion are an integral part of The Peckham Way.

Why Embracing Diversity & Inclusion is Important to us:


Humility: We put others first and collaborate to solve challenges as one team.


Loyalty: We treat fellow members with respect and convey in actions and words, a sense of ownership and passion for the company.


Mastery: We continuously seek to improve and be the best we can be. We educate and provide challenging, developmental opportunities to enable others to be all they can be.

Respect and engage: We treat all members of the team equally by nurturing an environment that is diverse, inclusive, and fair. Peckham members show genuine concern for others and their wellbeing.

Empower People to Challenge the Status Quo

Our culture is defined by our Peckham Way values. Our values of Integrity and Dedication are the driving force behind our commitment. We strive to treat all members of the team equally by nurturing an environment that is diverse, inclusive, and fair, showing genuine concern for people and their well-being, and always treating fellow members with respect. At Peckham, we are continuously seeking to improve our diversity and inclusion efforts to be the best we can be.

As we hire new members into the Peckham family and pursue growth opportunities, our culture is a driving force for engagement and retention. All members are beginning to experience efforts at better defining our culture through leadership trainings, hiring and onboarding, performance management and member recognition.

In our efforts as a Family by Choice employer, one of several strategic initiatives is to strengthen our diversity and be an inclusive employer. We recognize the challenge we face which is similar to others in the industry competing for scarce talent.As such, we are investing in leadership development and training our female talent to assume larger roles in the future while reaching out to colleges to increase our pipeline of female talent and become a more inclusive employer.


We empower our people to provide value that serves members’ purpose, customers’ growth, and communities’ interests. We educate, innovate, and apply technology in a way that is safe, sustainable, inclusive and profitable.

Core Values

SAFETY: Protect family & friends
Obligated • Communicate • Focused • Safety always wins


INTEGRITY: Our word is our bond
Honesty and truth • Respect and engage • Transparency and learning • Ownership and caring


EFFICIENCY: Results matter
Compulsive tinkering • Innovation • Measurement • Work‐life rhythm


DEDICATION: Committed to serve
Humility • Loyalty • Determined • Mastery

Our Guiding Principle

We believe that our “Family by Choice” delivers value as the trusted supplier of construction materials, products and services in the communities we serve.