News From Peckham Industries

Family By Choice

For  100 years, our family-owned business has empowered communities through loyalty, mastery, and experience governed by The Peckham Way. The Peckham Way enshrines the company’s century-long belief that “Our Word is Our Bond.” The Peckham Industries family is inspired with a “Results Matter” mindset, ensuring Peckham remains focused on its continued independent growth. Peckham’s core values, mission statement, and vision cement a belief system as stable as the infrastructure Peckham helps construct. For a century, Peckham Industries has supplied materials, paved roads, and constructed projects right where our own families live. That experience has forged a proud Family by Choice culture built on the values of safety, integrity, dedication, and efficiency. Peckham has remained steadfast by helping its customers enhance their own operations with every promise kept, a relationships-first approach which unites the Peckham Family of Companies.

Our Members

It is our mission to empower our people to provide value that serves, members’ purpose, customers’ growth and communities’ interests. We educate, innovate, and apply technology in a way that is safe, sustainable, inclusive and profitable. We are as thoughtful of each Peckham member as we are with each service we perform, or product that we produce. Our members put others first and treat fellow members with respect. Peckham Industries educates and provides challenging developmental opportunities to enable our members to be all they can be. One of Peckham’s key differentiators is the connection our members have with the company and each other. People choose to spend their career and their lives in our family by choice because we maintain a safe and respectful environment for all.



Committed to Serve

Peckham is committed to giving back to our local cities and towns through local community projects and support efforts. Peckham’s core values, mission statement, and vision cement a belief system as stable as the infrastructure Peckham helps construct. Dedication and commitment to serving the very communities in which the Peckham family of companies live and work is ingrained in the company culture. We are committed to building a sustainable future for our members, customers, and communities for generations to come. 

Recycled Pavement Solutions

Our recycling services offer cost-effective, cutting edge road rehabilitation methods including Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) and Cold In-Place Recycling (CIPR) that are ideally suited to reconstructing deficient pavements and base materials by recycling 100% of existing materials. By applying these innovative rehabilitation techniques we can preserve and upgrade pavements to renew the lifespan of any distressed road.

 All of our services are considered green technology and environmentally friendly, which can be applied to major highways, city streets, deteriorated country and secondary roads, parking lots, airport runways and taxiways.

We educate, innovate, and apply technology in a way that is safe, sustainable, inclusive and profitable.