Pave and Resurface MA-RT 7, Lee, Lenox, and Stockbridge, MA

Project Team

MassDOT District 1 – Prime Contractor: Palmer Paving Corp.
Project Manager: Jim Toomey
Project Superintendent: Dylan Courtney
Paving Foreman: Don Labomard
QC Field Technician: Pat Kubinski
QC Lab Technician: Andy Elms


Pavement Resurfacing and Related Work


Mill and Fill 1.25” using High-Performance Thin Overlay (HPTO-9.5mm) using polymer modified PG 70E-34 liquid asphalt. Mix was produced at Palmer Paving’s Easthampton plant.


Contract #105262


Palmer Paving Corp. received the contract for a MassDOT District 1 project to pave and resurface MA-RT 7 through the towns of Lee, Lenox, and Stockbridge, MA. The entire project encompassed a total of 5 miles and 9000 tons of pavement mix.

All of the guardrails were also updated in order to meet new MassDOT specifications. This project was federally funded and put an emphasis on new asphalt pavement mix design. This new mix was designed to increase pavement performance over time and was chosen because of its highly elastic properties. The polymer used in this project will help the pavement resist cracking, rutting, damage caused by wear and tear and weather conditions.

The most unique aspect of this project was the liquid asphalt used. It was specially produced in our Athens, NY terminal solely for this project and will ultimately help extend the life of the pavement, in addition to typical maintenance.

All of the product quality control testing for the asphalt pavement exceeded MassDOT standards. Full bonus was achieved for plant air voids and binder content. Density achieved a 3% bonus, considering lift thickness, binder stiffness and haul distance commendable results.

The entire contract value of this project was approximately $2.94 million. This project has been a great start to the paving season for Palmer Paving Corp.