Cold In-Place Recycling

Innovative, Cost-effective Recycling Process

Peckham Road Corporation specializes in the partial-depth recycling process known as Cold In-Place Recycling. This operation involves the blending of hot foamed asphalt into the top 3”-4” of the pavement layer, to rejuvenate and rebuild the deteriorated top lifts of blacktop.

CIPR is an innovative, cost-effective reconstruction process that removes deteriorated road surface layers and combines them with an asphalt agent. This process allows the material to be placed back onto the road surface, creating a strong, renewed base that is ready for an overlay after a short cure time.

CIPR can be described as a rehabilitation technique in which the existing pavement materials are reused. The materials are mixed in-place without the application of heat. The reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) material is obtained by milling, planing, or crushing the existing pavement.

The use of Cold In-Place Recycling can restore old pavement to its desired state. Cold In-Place Recycling can be appropriate for interstates, state roads, county roads, town roads, city streets, village streets, and parking lots.

Why Recycle?

  • Lower cost: A typical CIPR project is one-half to one-third the cost of traditional total reconstruction methods. Because of the significant savings that can be achieved by recycling, limited available funding can be stretched much farther and can be used on more projects.
  • Road repairs: Surface based rutting, bumps, dips, potholes, patches, and raveling, along with cracks and other surface irregularities can be removed with the CIPR process while maximizing the use of existing materials. 
  • Longer pavement life: According to a Federal Highway study for New York State, “a Cold In-place recycling project with a 1.5 inch overlay is expected to last 10-15 years with little maintenance as compared to a 5-8 year life of a traditional 1.5 inch overlay.”
  • Environmental benefits: Reuse and conservation of natural non-renewable resources of aggregates and asphalt in existing pavements. Reduced fuel consumption by less trucking and plant processing of material.
  • Allows traffic immediately after lay down 

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