Peckham Materials Corp.


Peckham Materials Corp. (PMC), a Peckham Family Company, provides hot mix asphalt, warm mix asphalt, aggregates, and emulsions.

PMC is present throughout our eastern New York State territories. More specifically, there are plants in Bedford Hills, Bronx, Catskill, Carmel, Chestertown, Greenwich, Hudson Falls, New Windsor, and Pleasant Valley.

Bronx, NY HMA Plant

Aggregates: Aggregates are made up of primarily crushed stone, sand and gravel that are vital to the construction of housing, schools, hospitals, roads and highways. The aggregates industry, literally the foundation of our nation’s infrastructure, is a significant contributor to the economic wellbeing of our country.

Hot/Warm Mix Asphalt: Hot and warm mix asphalt is made up of approximately 95% aggregates, asphalt binder, additives, and modifiers used in roads, highways, parking lots and driveways. Of the 2.8 million miles of paved roads in the U.S., about 94% are surfaced with asphalt.

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