Palmer Paving Corp.

Our History

Palmer Paving founder, Charles M Callahan Jr, moved from Boston to the Palmer area back in 1955. He arrived with the intention of developing one of the most successful hot mix asphalt and construction firms in the region. Charlie put up the Palmer plant to service the construction of the Massachusetts Turnpike. Under Charlie’s leadership, the company grew to become a prominent construction company providing raw materials, hot mix asphalt and road construction services through the communities of Central/Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut. In 2018 Palmer Paving joined the Peckham family of companies.

Asphalt and Aggregates

Palmer Paving is a leading hot mix asphalt and aggregate producer in New England. We manufacture high quality hot mix and warm/cold asphalt and other construction materials for Western Massachusetts, North Central Connecticut and North East Connecticut areas, with plants in Palmer MA, Springfield MA, Easthampton, MA, and Barre, MA. All plants are approved to provide Department of Transportation superpave mixes. We operate both batch and drum mix plant facilities to produce the asphalt and aggregates for its many projects. This allows us to service not only our daily mix customers but also to provide a reliable material source for all our paving needs. Palmer Paving was one of the first to integrate 100% recycled asphalt into the manufacturing operations. We have the opportunity, depending on the project, to integrate recycled asphalt back into the mix to produce both a superior and an environmentally-friendly product. Stone and sand materials include: crushed native stone, gravel, trap rock and dust, sand, washed sand silt, loam, emulsion and much more. We are your leading hot mix asphalt, aggregates, and sand & gravel materials producer in Western MA .

Commercial Paving

Commercial paving is one of the main paving services Palmer Paving provides in Western Massachusetts, North Central Connecticut, and North East Connecticut for over 60 years, and has been a leader in producing a “green” product for our paving customers. We were one of the first to integrate 100% recycled asphalt into the manufacturing operation while producing a superior and environmentally-friendly product. We have a variety of commercial paving clients across Western MA  and CT and specialize in road construction, intersection reconstruction, athletic field construction, astroturf field construction, tennis court construction, and resurfacing. Our superior workmanship in paving involves several techniques including pavement preservation, thin lift overlay, microsurfacing, and spraypaving. From smaller parking lots to campus thoroughfares, we believe every job is a big deal!

Excavation and Site Work

Coordination, communication, and execution are critical components for our excavation and sitework projects. Because construction projects are complicated, we build each one in our heads before we dispatch a crew and equipment to a job site. Our people know the right questions to ask so there are no surprises or setbacks as the work progresses. Collaborating with private developers and owners, architects and engineering firms, our excavation and sitework teams are always thinking, solving onsite problems and making sure their job gets done right before the next team comes in to finish. Airport runways, roadways, parking lots, racetracks, athletic fields and walkways among them – each job is critical. We understand the dynamic reality of site work and proactively manage each project to increase efficiency and control costs while still driving the project forward.

Heavy Highway & Road Construction

At Palmer Paving, we are experts in interstate highway construction, our emphasis on heavy highway civil engineering and road reconstruction. We serve the public sector at all levels with federal, state and municipal government contracts as well as projects for local owners. Economic prosperity and reliable roadways work hand-in-hand to support local economy. We use superior products, ensuring our ability to keep all transportation infrastructure – interstates, highways, and other roads – functioning at peak performance. There are several parties integral to this process, and we are in constant collaboration with them. Public agencies, engineering firms, architects and private developers alike hear from us often as each highway and road construction project takes shape. We know our customers expect a smooth ride-mile after mile after mile.