Peckham Asphalt Resale Corp.

Athens, NY

In the late 1950s, PII had established liquid asphalt plants in the upstate New York region. However, they did not have the capabilities to receive asphalt shipped by barge. In 1981, PII decided to enter the asphalt cement resale market. As a result, this Union St. terminal became the first Peckham Asphalt Resale Corporation (PARCO) location. In the late 1980s, PII established a trucking division in order to support asphalt delivery for PARCO across the Northeast.


Bridgeport, CT

PARCO Bridgeport originally opened in 1986 when PII was a tenant of the bulk oil storage facility known as the Hitchcock Terminal. PII purchased the facility in 1990 and renamed it Harborview Terminals. This solidified PII’s permanent presence in the southern New England liquid asphalt business. At this time, PARCO competed with major companies such as Exxon, Chevron, Coastal, Citgo, and others, who are no longer competitors in this market today. Now, PARCO Bridgeport and Harborview Terminals, located on the south side of the end of Seaview Avenue along the ocean in Bridgeport, CT, is a liquid asphalt bulk storage facility.


Bronx, NY

PARCO Bronx began as PARCO Astoria, which formerly was in the borough of Queens in NYC at the Castle Oil Terminal. It was relocated to the current Bronx location after the original property was sold by Castle Oil in 2002.