Peckham Materials hosted two safety days on April 10th and April 11th this year at our Hudson Falls facility. Donny Miclette, John Wright, and their staff helped transform our maintenance shop into a classroom that saw over 300 customers/participants over two days!

Peter Simoneau, Tim Needham and the employees in the North Country addressed many issues that we experienced in 2017 and new protocol to help prevent those issues from continuing to happen. Signs, cameras, and paint were added to all of our plants to keep our customers safe. Lou Merkle, and Sue Coutler have campaigned to all of our employees, reminding them how committed to safety we are, and to lead by example. Our #1 goal is to have all of our employees and customers go home safely and to their families the same way they came in.

Safety Day was born from Lou and Sue’s campaign to make sure everyone commits themselves to safety. We talked openly about the behaviors we expected from our employees and customers at the Asphalt plants and Quarries. A short film of a truck driving into Hudson Falls was shown to familiarize our customers with where they should go for stone and HMA. We also gave tours in vans to bring them as close and safe inside the Quarry and Asphalt plant as we could.

Peter Simoneau discussed the safety practices that all should follow when in our facilities. He gave specific site information and details. Phil Spiezio, Washington County Safety Director, shared some real life examples of what happens when you let your guard down. The topics he covered were: Distracted Driving, Personal Protective Equipment, and Work Zone Safety. We also had a few excellent speakers- Donna Shave from 1-800-Dig-Safely talked about utility safety in the work zone when excavating and Haun Welding Supply along with Hanes Supply Co. did segments on equipment safety and fall protection.

Normally Peckham Materials is a leader in the industry for producing quality materials and for the services we provide, but this time we took a huge step in becoming an industry leader in safety!

Jay Castimore, Peckham Materials Corp.