Route 55 Roundabout, LaGrange, NY

Project Team

Dutchess Quarry, A. Colarusso and Sons, NYSDOT


Hot Mix Asphalt, Crushed Stone Aggregates


Materials Supply




NYSDOT began construction of the first roundabout on Route 55 to address this heavily congested intersection. A. Colarusso and Sons began the 1/2-mile project in late September which stretches from the Taconic Parkway to Freedom Road. This year-long project included realigning the road, taking out three traffic lights and making way for the three roundabouts. These much-needed roundabouts helped relieve a 2-3-mile long backup up during rush hour, both morning and night, in front of a high school no less. The result was well worth the wait. About 20,000 tons of Superpave HMA and 15,000 tons of construction aggregates was supplied for the project.