Route 28N Newcomb to Long Lake, NY

Project Team

Newcomb to Long Lake, NY


Cold-in-Place Recycling, T&L, Superpave Top


Cold-in-Place Recycling, T&L, Superpave Top




This very rough stretch of road in Essex and Hamilton Counties was the subject of an early 2013 video showing extraordinary frost heaves and other serious problems that caused vehicle damage and slow passage. After the media attention it received in Albany, Route 28N became a priority project for NYSDOT. In the summer of 2013, underdrain pipe was installed along the length of the project on both shoulders and frost heaves removed. Paving work was completed on the Hamilton County portion last summer. Peckham Road Corp. completed 305,000 SY of cold-in-place recycling through the Essex County portion in July 2014. 60,000 tons of T&L and 9.5 MM Superpave top are being supplied from the Peckham Materials Chestertown HMA plant throughout August and September. With 35 trucks on the haul, it’s been a very productive job as we race to beat the early frost in September.