Route 201 Cold In Place Recycling, Jackman, ME

Project Team

Maine DOT Prime Contractor:
Pike Industries Inc.

Peckham Road Corp.


Cold In-Place Recycling with Foamed Asphalt


Cold In-Place Recycling


Pike Industries Inc.


Peckham Road Corp. was subcontracted by Pike Industries to perform 15 miles of Foamed Asphalt Cold In-Place Recycling (CIPR) on Route 201 in Jackman Maine.  Jackman is a border crossing location and traffic coming to and from the border use Route 201.

This was a unique project because of the remote location, over eight hours away in far northern Maine. PRC crews began mobilizing numerous pieces of equipment to Maine in early June. Logistics, project specifications, and the project’s location all proved to be challenges early on.

The remoteness of the project created a long-distance haul for liquid asphalt, which in turn created concerns with the control of the liquid asphalt temperatures. To help with this challenge, a 30,000-gallon liquid asphalt tank was brought to Maine from our portable asphalt plant in Chestertown, NY. The portable tank gave us a reservoir of material so work could continue uninterrupted. It also increased and maintained the required 360-degree temperatures of PG-Binder, helping the CIPR crew rehabilitate the heavily traveled log truck route.

PRC’s Roadtec RX900e Recycler processed 5” of Route 201. 500 tons of portland cement and 334,000 gallons of PG-Binder was added to the recycled pavement which was then smoothly laid down with a paver. With the hot mix paving completed, the residents are very happy with the much-needed overhaul of Route 201. Many thanks go out to the PII employees that spent countless hours away from home while on this remote project.