Pave and Resurface, MA-RT 20, Russell, MA

Project Team

Prime Contractor: Palmer Paving Corp. 
Superintendent: Dylan Courtney 
Paving Foreman: Don Labombard 

Product and Process

Pavement Resurfacing and Related Work at Various Locations 

Over 150,000 square yards of milling  and 22,500 total tons of HMA 


Mill and Pave 2” of 12.5mm Superpave Surface Course with supplemental use of 9.5mm Superpave Leveling Course. HMA was produced at Palmer Paving’s Easthampton and Springfield plants. 


MassDOT District 1


Palmer Paving Corp. received the contract with MassDOT to resurface various locations through District 1 in Western Massachusetts. The first location on the contract was a 6 mile stretch of MA Rt 20 in Russell, MA along the Westfield River. The project scope consisted on a 2” resurface (mill and pavement overlay). Palmer Paving and MassDOT utilized the supplemental use of a leveling course on over 20% of the milled road surface to address imperfections in the underlying surface. The project also focused on updating over 6 miles of guardrail along the river to the new TL-3 federal standard. Palmer Paving also managed environmental controls, traffic loops, over 200 drainage structure adjustments, pavement markings, and shoulder work. The entire contract value of this project was $6.27 million.