Park & Ride/Taste of New York Taconic State Parkway, LaGrange, NY

Project Team

New York State DOT, Sun-Up Enterprise. Harold Buckner


Porous HMA & Superpave HMA


Paving and Site work


NY State Department of Transportation


Thanks to Peckham and Governor Cuomo, this abandoned rest stop has been repurposed as a Taste NY outpost. Located along the Taconic State Parkway this Taste NY offers travelers the best of New York’s agriculture, and food and drink industry.

The scope of this project for Peckham,involved providing porous hot mix asphalt to cover the parking areas. This special product is used to collect storm water and reduce runoff pollution. It is important to Peckham that the quality of Porous HMA is held to the highest standards to ensure smaller environmental impact to support Taste NY.