On3 School of Medicine Garage, Nutley, NJ

Structure Type

Parking Structure


PB Nutclif Med, LLC c/o Prism Capital Partners, LLC

Design Build Contractor

Prism Construction Management, LLC


Project Architect: The AZTEC Corporation

Project Engineer: Innovative Engineering Services


This new 339,000 square foot parking structure features 4 elevated levels, 5 bays wide to accommodate approximately 1,390 cars. The garage was part of On3 campus expansion and more specifically for the Hackensack-Meridian School of Medicine & Seton Hall University’s Graduate College of Nursing and School of Health and Medical Sciences.

The structure is a free standing total precast garage that features a combination of simple reveals and several custom logo panels with a light grey color concrete at the exterior. The owner wanted the logo of Hackensack-Meridian Health incorporated in the structure and the use of 3D technology simplified the fabrication process. The garage features a two punch through stairs, one at each end with a feature stair and elevator core aligned with the campus entrance.

Dailey Precast worked extensively with Prism to ensure continuous flow of precast deliveries while not disrupting the active campus. Precast erecting was completed during the Spring of 2020.