Hancock Garage, Quincy, MA

Structure Type

Parking Structure


Quincy Chestnut Place, LLC c/o Marina Bay Management Services, LLC

Design Build Contractor

Lee Kennedy Co., Inc.


Project Architect: Spalding Tougias Architects, Inc.
Project Engineer: DESMAN Design Management
Precast Engineer: Innovative Engineering Services


The Hancock Garage, a 258,000 square foot parking structure in Quincy, Massachusetts, features five elevated levels and one level below grade to accommodate approximately 710 cars. The above-grade structure of the facility is a precast concrete system of walls, columns, and spandrels. 

As part of the ongoing growth of this city south of Boston, the existing Hancock surface parking lot was redeveloped to provide structured parking for two adjacent residential developments as well as additional paid public parking. This combined solution makes efficient use of the garage footprint and takes advantage of the differing schedules of residential and commercial users. 

The project’s location at a very busy intersection made logistical coordination critical. Dailey Precast worked extensively with Lee Kennedy and local officials to ensure continuous flow of precast deliveries while not disrupting the surrounding community. Precast erecting was completed during the spring of 2019.

The exterior façade is clad with areas of thin brick, deep reveals, custom terra-cotta baguette ladders and architectural screening. Dailey Precast focused intensively during the layout of precast to ensure we achieved both the architect’s design intent as well as constructability.

The garage features a total precast stair/elevator core at one corner as well as a unique punch-through type stair with intricate framing, which gives the look of a more traditional precast stair tower. 

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