Emergency Bridge Repair, Newcomb, NY

Project Team

Peckham Road Corp.


Putting in numerous new culverts, a new bridge, and restoring 22 miles of roadway




Newcomb, NY, was one town that was left with devastation from a very heavy rainstorm on July 7, 2023. Houses were flooded, roadways were destroyed, and bridges and culverts were washed out. SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY ESF) has academic buildings on both sides of a river that feeds from Lilypad Pond down to Rich Lake. The bridge on Arbutus Road that transported people from one side to the other was swept away by the massive amount of flooding due to beaver dams washing out. This left approximately 25-30 people and 15-20 cars stranded on the other side. Once the storms subsided, an emergency contract was made for the restoration of the destroyed grounds. Peckham Road Corp. (PRC) responded immediately and within 36 hours had people and equipment on-site restoring roadways, culverts and assessing the lost bridge. By the end of that week, Peckham Road Corp. was able to restore access to the academic building where the cars were stranded and successfully retrieved all vehicles. New York State Office of General Services (NYS OGS) and SUNY ESF were grateful for the level of focus, communication, determination, and innovation PRC was able to provide in such a short time frame to restore their roadway and retrieve the stranded vehicles. NYS OGS increased PRC’s contract to restore the rest of the 22 miles of roadway on campus that was destroyed by the heavy storms. This project is a great example of how much loyalty and humility lives within the PRC family. Peckham family companies are committed to serving communities’ interests.