Ellipse Tower Parking Garage, Jersey City, NJ

Structure Type

Parking Structure


Ellipse Building, LLC
Ellipse Construction, LLC


Project Architect: HLW International
Project Engineer: McNamara Salvia
Precast Engineer: Civilsmith Engineering, Inc.


Precast provided many advantages for this parking structure alongside the 42-story Ellipse luxury apartment tower in Jersey City. The top level of the garage is being completed as a recreation and lounge area with two swimming pools with a gorgeous view of the Manhattan skyline. This use and the resulting loading on the 6th level had to be designed into the garage all the way down into the foundation.

As the garage was erected around the Ellipse residence tower, sequencing was very important. The oval shape of the tower required the straight precast abutting wall to be designed and erected underneath the high rise. To maximize the footprint the garage then wrapped around only inches away from the 42-story residences.

This project is located next to the Holland Tunnel entrance along the Hudson River. Approximately 460 pieces of precast were shipped to the site, the majority of which were permitted due to exceeding standard length, width and or weight requirements. Shuttling precast loads from the drop lot and on site was challenging due to the limited site footprint and busy traffic with multiple construction sites, thus requiring a considerable amount of coordination with the owner and other trades. Weather challenges and site exposure created additional hurdles for the job. Dailey Precast was proud to have performed with our erector and hauling team to provide an impressive structure that will last for generations.

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