Dover Police Station Parking Garage, Dover, NH

Structure Type

Parking Structure


City of Dover, NH

General Contractor

Harvey Construction Company


Project Architect: Lavallee Brensinger Architects
Project Engineer: Foley Buhl Roberts & Associates, Inc.
Precast Engineer: Walker Parking Consultants


At this 138,000 square-foot adjacent to the local police station, there was only a very small gap between the police station and garage while both were being constructed simultaneously. This required careful logistics coordination during the erection phase.  The use of precast components for the five-level garage required less staging area at the job site, as precast members could be trucked in sequentially as needed. The garage provides 312 public parking spaces with an additional 35 spaces for police vehicles.

Exterior design elements of the garage consist of thin brick spandrel panels in a “picture frame” layout. The thin brick architectural surface matches the brick used on the police station and is in keeping with the downtown Dover Mill aesthetics. The structure incorporates rooms at grade for police station processing use.

Because the garage is so close to the police station (a category 4 critical facility), the durability and innate fire resistance of precast was critical. Precast wall panels and spandrels with infill panels were utilized where the two buildings abut for fire separation and a fire-rated foam was installed along vertical joints of the precast wall panels.

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