Columbia County Route 11 Cement Stabilization, Ancram, NY

Project Team

Columbia County Dept. of Public Works (Bernie Kelleher) Prime Contractor: Reclamation, LLC


Full-Depth Reclamation with Portland Cement Stabilization


Full-Depth Reclamation


Columbia County Dept. of Public Works


In the early summer of 2014, Reclamation, LCC joined forces with our customer, the Columbia County Highway Dept., to provide full depth reclamation utilizing portland cement as the stabilizing agent. The project was on County Rte 11 in Ancram, Columbia County, NY and involved full depth reclaiming 4.25 miles of the road to 6” in depth and then applying cement to the surface and grinding the reclaimed base and cement together. The cement was the perfect stabilizing agent for this sand and gravel base. The stabilized base was then topped with 2.5” of 12.5 mm hot mix asphalt. The cement stabilized road bed and the asphalt surface will perform well for many years to come.