Bristol Myers Squibb, Lawrenceville, NJ

Structure Type

Parking Structure


Bristol Myers Squibb

Design Build Contractor

Torcon, Inc.


Project Architect: DESMAN Design Management
Project Engineer: DESMAN Design Management
Precast Engineer: Ross Bryan Associates, Inc.


On the New Jersey campus of pharmaceutical company Bristol Myers Squibb, this 222,600 square-foot parking structure accommodates approximately 700 cars on three elevated levels. The structure is a free-standing precast garage with cantilevered spandrels at the corners opposite the stair and elevator towers. 

The exterior precast facade includes an elegant thin-brick finish to align with the architectural vernacular of the existing campus. Planning for sustainability, the garage features a roof system for future installation of a photo-voltaic array. 

Working with first-time customer Torcon, Inc., Dailey Precast put forth super efforts to erect this garage under an accelerated schedule, helping to meet the client’s critical need for on-site parking. Dailey Precast’s advanced use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) allowed the team to show exactly which pieces were in place and make adjustments to the schedule to keep everyone informed.

Precast fabrication started in April 2018, at the same time as site preparation. Precast erecting was completed over a two-month period with the first cars parking in the facility by early November 2018. 

The focus and effort allowed the project team to finish approximately one month ahead of contract schedule.

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