Asphalt Binders

Asphalt Cement

Liquid asphalt cement is a refined petroleum product that gives blacktop its distinctive color. The United States has more than 26 million miles of paved roads and highways, and 93 percent of those are surfaced with asphalt. Asphalt is readily available, inexpensive and highly recyclable.

Our Asphalt Resale subsidiary, PARCO, has been providing industry with quality binders for more than 35 years. Three terminals, with the capability to distribute grades of both performance grade (PG) liquid asphalt as well as Polymer Modified Asphalts, offer us unequalled flexibility and assure reliable supply. Our terminals are strategically located in the Bronx, NY, Bridgeport, CT and Athens, NY. Peckham consumes a large amount of asphalt cement internally at our hot mix asphalt plants and emulsion mills.

PARCO’s supply lines are diverse – product is received by rail, barge, ship and truck and originates from both domestic and offshore refineries. This terminal network has provided millions of tons of liquid asphalt cement used to build and maintain the roads and airports in throughout the Mid-Atlantic states and New England. The Company’s large storage capacity helps assure reliable supply during peak season demand.

Polymer Modified Asphalt

Polymer Modified Asphalt (“PMA”) is liquid asphalt cement enhanced through the addition of polymers and other cross-linking chemistry. The polymers improve both the elasticity and durability of the base asphalt cement and give the resultant hot mix asphalt pavement better high and low-temperature properties, as well as greater resistance to fatigue cracking and rutting.

We manufacture our PMA at our Athens facility and we can produce virtually any grade required. Polymer modified asphalt is increasingly used in road surfacing due to its ability to meet higher pavement performance standards specified by governmental agencies from County Highway Departments to State DOT agencies and the FAA.

Our PMA is carefully tested at our AASHTO-approved lab maintained on-site.