Peckham Industries Improves Pleasant Valley Hot Mix Asphalt Plant

Apr 29, 2019 | News, Upgrades

Our Pleasant Valley hot mix plant has been updated for 2019. Throughout the winter, Peckham crews converted the 1989 six-ton batch plant to an equal capacity mixing drum. This new plant, along with six storage silos, gives us a powerhouse of a plant with the ability to produce and provide mix quickly and more efficiently than ever before.
Mostly, we are proud of the effort and work that our employees put into making this such a success. We started the plant on April 17 with virtually no significant startup issues.
The plant updates were part of a longer term improvement plan. The appearance of the plant has been improved dramatically by a general cleanup and moving the stone stockpiles further from the road, which allowed for the addition of natural landscaping. We’ve also reduced the noise levels and the visual footprint of the hot mix plant, and the silos have lessened the need for as many early morning starts as in the past.  We will be recycling more asphalt pavement, which furthers our sustainability goals.
The improvements that have been made have been good for Peckham Materials and good for the Pleasant Valley community.