New Video on Treating Dusty Roads with Liquid Calcium Chloride

Dec 22, 2020 | News

Unpaved, dusty roads are difficult to navigate and costly to maintain. As a new video from Peckham Industries explains, liquid calcium chloride provides a cost-effective solution to maintaining dirt roadways and parking areas. This is the first in an upcoming series of videos reviewing the features and benefits of our products.

This video shows the process of a tanker truck spraying LIQUIDOW™ liquid calcium chloride. Once applied, the product’s hygroscopic properties attract moisture from the air (and reduce evaporation from the roadbed), which results in less dust. Liquid calcium chloride is effective for treating dust on secondary roads, access roads, parking lots, and driveways.

Springtime is the best season to begin treating unpaved roads and other surfaces, while moisture still remains in the ground. Peckham Industries recommends a second application of liquid calcium chloride in late summer to ensure the benefits throughout the fall and winter. Click below to watch the new video:

In winter, calcium chloride has an additional benefit: it has an important ice melting capability that is far better than sodium chloride (i.e. rock salt) used alone.

To find out more about all the year-round benefits of LIQUIDOW™ liquid calcium chloride, visit this Peckham Industries website page.