Load Tracker

The Peckham Industries Load Tracker tool provides real-time trucking information to customers.

Are you using the Peckham Industries LoadTracker? Once again leading in the industry, PII is offering real-time loadout information delivered directly to smart phones. This works with any web browser.

Give your foremen, superintendents, and operators the up-to-the-minute trucking information they need to keep your projects on schedule. They can skip the hourly calls to the plant with this widely adopted, well-received tool. Contact your Peckham salesman, scalehouse clerk, or plant operator to get your custom access code so you can use Peckham’s LoadTracker service on your next project from our plants.

See the image for an example of the real-time load tracking information provided: job codes, truck number, driver name, departure time, load quantity, daily cumulative quantity, and round trip minutes. Each time the screen is pulled down, the information is refreshed for the latest data.