In 2017, Peckham Road Corp was awarded and successfully completed the Sunny Hills Estates project in Raritan, NJ. However, in May of 2018 Raritan Township contacted us with concerns that the stabilized base material could be compromised. The director of public works said they are seeing water stains on the roadway that could possibly be the result of the stabilized base material breaking down, losing its integrity and leaching.

Following the call from Township, I met with the general contractor to discuss our game plan to address the township’s concerns. We decided to go to the project and dig several test pits in the locations with visible stains and examine the quality of the asphalt surface and the underlying base. Our finding were as expected, what we revealed was a well-engineered, highly compacted base material with great integrity, that is capable of providing the all physical properties associated with cement stabilized Full Depth Reclamation.

In addition to these findings, we also identified that there is a continuous source of water beneath the roads. This condition substantiates the use of FDR with cement stabilization as the preferred solution for the Sunny Hills Estates Road Construction due to the properties listed below.

  1. increased strength and stiffness of base material
  2. reduced deflection from traffic loads
  3. moisture resistance and higher levels of strength even when saturated water.
  4. a reduction in subgrade stress

The township engineering and public works departments witnessed our testing and agreed that our work was done professionally and properly. They are so pleased with the results, they putting another FDR project out to bid!

Gene Vinson, Reclamation LLC.