Dailey Precast selected for Energy Leadership Award

Sep 27, 2023 | Family of Companies, News, Sustainability

As part of Peckham’s commitment to building a sustainable future for members, customers, and communities, Dailey Precast partnered with Efficiency Vermont to analyze the efficiency of the plant’s main air compressor that supplies air throughout the production facility. The team of Efficiency Vermont’s engineering department and Dailey Precast’s maintenance staff were able to apply technology to measure Dailey Precast’s actual compressed air usage and suggest a right-sized 35 horsepower (HP) electric air compressor with variable frequency drive (VFD) to replace the older 75 HP compressor. While the energy savings for having an efficiently sized piece of equipment will carry forward for generations, the payback period for the new compressor is less than one year based on the electricity savings.

Dailey Precast team members delivered results that matter to its community and bottom line by simply measuring its system’s efficiency and taking the obvious action expeditiously. In conjunction with this project, converting lighting in the plant to LEDs, and adding some VFDs to equipment at the Shaftsbury hot mix asphalt plant, Dailey Precast was selected by Efficiency Vermont to receive an Energy Leadership Award for Impact at this year’s Best Practices Exchange in Killington, Vermont. Dailey Precast Operations Manager, Rick Engelhardt, accepted the award on Dailey Precast’s behalf and spoke to the audience about the company’s energy reduction projects. Congratulations to Dailey Precast for exemplifying how Peckham Family Companies actively experiment, leverage technology and engage new ideas to create value through sustainability.

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