Peckham Road Corp. has been busy this past winter, so we can spring into the 2018 paving season. We have been working on upgrading our Catskill Hot Mix Asphalt Operations to better serve our customers. One of these upgrades is a rotary drum mixer. The addition to our plant will increase the output of volume for the anticipated paving that will be required of the local Municipalities and local Contractors for their up-coming 2018 scheduled projects.

The Batch Plant in Catskill was put in operation some years ago and is capable of an output of 240 Tons per hour, now with our new addition of the Rotary Drum Mixer we are capable of doing 340 tons per hour of Hot Mix Asphalt in addition to still having the Batch Plant available. One of our many Peckham objectives in our customer service initiative are to provide our customers a consistent, higher quality mix, meet a higher production requirement, and decrease customer wait time.

We look forward to seeing all of our return customers, and some new faces as we begin the 2018 season. Peckham Industries believes that our investment in our Hot Mix Asphalt Plant is an investment our customers as well. Have a prosperous season and remember always think Safety.

Rick Rosa, Peckham Materials Corp.