Peckham and its wholly-owned subsidiaries have always made safety our number one priority. Since 1924, the Company has maintained exceptional job site, equipment, and facility safety track records. These safety records serve as our testament to a longstanding commitment to Company-wide safety and innovative safety training programs.

We believe that every employee deserves a safe and healthy work environment. The management team strives to maintain a high level of safety awareness with a clear focus on minimizing the risk of accidents or injuries. The Company continues to adopt standards and practices with employee well-being as the number one goal.


Health & Safety Charter

We live and work by our health and safety charter every day. This charter guides Peckham employees through their work every day in the construction materials business.


Safety Charter Video Outlines Four Core Safety Values

As Peckham Industries continues to expand its geographic market as well as its products and services, we also are focused every day on the safety of our growing number of employees, customers, vendors, and the public in and around our work sites. In this video, various company leaders share our four core safety values as well as how we are continually learning and improving our safety practices.


Lifesaving Rescue in 2019 Draws on Emergency/Safety Training

In early June 2019, a long-term Peckham Industries employee suffered a massive heart attack while driving a concrete mixer in the yard at one of our facilities. Quick thinking (and very well trained) fellow employees jumped into action and immediately started CPR and rescue breathing. Another employee dashed to grab the AED from the shop. Other selfless workers joined in to coordinate the EMS response and to secure the scene. After a trip to the local hospital and a subsequent helicopter ride, there was joy all around as word spread that our friend had made it!

This incredible outcome was the result of years of dedication to Peckham Industries training and preparation. The AED had been sitting behind its glass door for 13 (!) years, untouched except for the bi-weekly, well-recorded inspections. Years of CPR, first aid, and incident training paid off for this crew in ways they never expected. This story is a great testament to the safety culture we have at Peckham Industries.