Some people roll with the punches, but us, we roll with the barrels. When Deerfield Wind Farm needed ready mix concrete from our Wilmington, VT plant not even 10 years of being idle, and hurricane Irene blowing through in 2011 could stop us. We rebuilt and upgraded by way of preparation, dedication, our incredible staff, and as a result we were up and running in no time. Just because we were ready to start, doesn’t mean we were there just yet.

Since this is the first and only wind farm in the country on land owned by the US Forest Service, we still had a lot of mountains to climb- literally! The project involved miles of narrow, steep rough terrain to get to the pour site. We were practically off-roading with fully loaded concrete mixers! Off-road, or not, we got it done. We handled all phases of the project from sitework, mudslabs, pedestals, a bridge, and bases for 80 meter high wind turbines. With the project now completed, we know the risk was well worth the reward!

Daniel Dearstyne, William E. Dailey, Inc.