This upcoming Spring, Westchester County has some big plans in the City of White Plains! Their parking lot in North White Plains will be revamped with Porous asphalt! This is particularly exciting for both us. They will no longer have flash flooding issues and we get to showcase our environmentally friendly sustainable solution to drainage mitigation.  Porous asphalt isn’t your typical “mill and fill” placement, it’s a system made up of detention layers. In order to make the system work you typically begin with a subbase spanning down anywhere from 2’-4’ feet. Layers of varying aggregate sizes are compacted with approximately 15-40% in voids for the water to flow through each layer to seep right back into the ground. Once the subbase has been installed porous (open graded) binder is placed and then the top course is placed. What makes the top course so different from your typical HMA, is not only the design mix, but the special liquid asphalt and the addition of fibers which makes the material not only porous but highly durable as well.

Over the past year, we have seen an increase in the use of Porous Asphalt due to the increased building density and a decrease in available open space for water mitigation measures and we expect to see an increase in these type of projects for years to come.

Quality, sustainability and solutions- Porous Pavement does it all!

Rocco Circosta, Peckham Materials Corp.