One year ago, we went the Village of Goshen and chip sealed a high traffic area at their request. The residents weren’t happy with the Village’s decision to chip seal, and the customer is always right, so we offered a solution – to fog seal the already chip sealed road. About two weeks later we went out and we did what we always do, make everyone happy. Once the fog seal was completed the residents were happy and the road still retains to this day a “paved” road look.

We did so well that the town opted to try another one of our services recently, full-depth reclamation. We reclaimed and stabilized Green Street, a heavily trafficked roadway, which houses one of Goshen’s busy firehouses. Green St. was incredibly out of shape, and had a lot of ponding issues, especially in front of the firehouse. When we came in we whipped that street right into shape, stabilized with calcium chloride, and corrected all drainage deficiencies. The Village then had the road paved, and the residents, including the Mayor got their fairytale ending; The Happily “Paved” Ever After!

– Charlie Jones, Recalmation LLC