Highway Superintendent of the Town of Kingsbury was prepared to pave a light industrial park, until he spoke to us. The park had pre-existing conditions due to high truck traffic- moderate to slight deflection with a poor subbase and faced the typical municipal issue. How can it be fixed, while maintaining a budget and not causing a ton of inconvenience to the residents and travelers who needed to use the park? He needed a solution and we helped- with Full Depth Reclamation.

Our Reclamation division came in and pulverized, restabilized using foamed asphalt and reprofiled the existing road base. Peckham Road Corp, our paving division then came in and overlayed the new base with 2” of Type 6 pavement supplied from our Hudson Falls facility. The town was extremely happy, and although the process cost a bit more, the life expectancy of the road was extended which means less mill and fill and more smooth driving ahead.

Kenneth Luskin, Peckham Materials Corp.