Ralph Signoracci, Director of Operations for City of Cohoes sticks to his word last year;

“Winter of 2016 was no match for us since Peckham Materials Corp came out with their pugmill and treated our 1,000 ton stockpile of salt with Calcium. We noticed right away the hours saved plowing and reduced our salt usage by 20%. It also helped save our roads from a lot of wear and tear since the Calcium Enhanced Salt performed so well and we didn’t have to do as many runs with the plow. We are true believers in this product, and we will only salt our roads with salt that has been enhanced by Peckham.”

And this year was no exception. We went out to Cohoes and did what we always do, provided a great product, with great service, at fair market value. Just check out the video on how easy to process is. In just a few short hours your salt pile could be treated. Now, you can let the material do the work, and give yourself and the machines a break!

Matt Lazari, Peckham Materials Corp.