Portland Cement Stabilization

Benefits of Portland Cement Stabilization for Roads

By introducing soil particles or aggregates and Portland Cement into the mixing process, Portland cement stabilization produces a cohesive material that provides compressive strengths.

When mixed with water, compounds within the cement bind soil and aggregate particles together, forming a cement material that provides high-quality and high strength for use in areas where construction platforms or all-weather surfaces are needed.

Road Reclaiming Stabilization Applications

Sometimes roads are built on such poor materials that it seems hard to believe they could be put to any kind of valuable reuse. This is where Portland cement stabilization can work wonders.

As with all of our products, the process begins with the development of an engineered mix design, tailored to maximize improvement of the existing conditions. Accurate sampling and lab testing are critical to success, and our technicians are industry experts.

Our fleet includes state-of-the-art cement spreaders that enable the precise application of any needed amount of cement and allow us to tackle any job, anywhere. Our reclaimer follows the spreader truck, tilling in the cement and a metered application of water to create a strong cementitious base that is subsequently fine-graded and compacted in preparation for a pavement overlay.