Quality Control

Quality Control plays a critical role at Peckham. We sell products that are reliable and durable, and we work carefully with our customers to find appropriate, cost effective solutions to their pavement maintenance needs.

We assess jobsite conditions and properties to recommend ideal materials and solutions. Every one of our production facilities has developed a strict Quality Control program to ensure the production of superior materials. Combined with a staff of committed individuals, this program emphasizes the use of state-of-the-art technology in supervising the manufacturing process. The in-house Technical Services Department oversees Quality Control duties and maintains primary as well as satellite laboratories at each individual production facility.

Quality Control at Our Liquid Asphalt Terminal Locations includes:

  • “Full spectrum” testing and certification of barges, ships and rail cars containing various grades of liquid asphalt cement in our fully AASHTO-approved laboratory
  • Testing and certification of cutbacks blended on site
  • Testing and certification of asphalt emulsion manufacturing

Quality Control at Our Quarries includes:

  • Gradation analysis of all aggregate fractions
  • We maintain control charts to monitor our ongoing process control
  • Monitoring product bulk and apparent specific gravity to ensure consistency
  • We maintain up-to-date NYSDOT source reports and petrographic analyses

Quality Control at the Hot Mix Asphalt Plants includes:

  • Sampling and testing hot bin material during production for the development of Superpave Mix designs
  • Monitoring gradation, temperature, asphalt content, theoretical and bulk specific gravities of component materials, as well as final products
  • We work closely with customers to help assure optimal compaction in the field

Quality Control for our Recycling Services includes:

  • Comprehensive evaluation on a project-specific basis
  • Pavement properties assessment including structural capacity
  • Severity of the road distress
  • Composition of the existing pavement
  • Depth and type of the road base and/or sub-base
  • Condition of sub base material
  • Drainage
  • Design life

For our recycling services, in addition to a physical assessment of a road, we also consider historical information, environmental or climatic factors, material deficiencies and traffic conditions. Depending on the situation and severity of road distress, which could range from surface defects to base and sub-grade problems, additional investigation may be required.

The aim of each reclamation investigation is to uncover sufficient information to formulate an appropriate rehabilitation mix design and method to renovate the pavement. Once the cause of the road distress has been identified and assessed, we select a rehabilitation technique. Pavement designs can be mass-produced to suit specific design life and functional standards and accommodate wide range of traffic conditions.

Serving Diverse Communities
Peckham supplies materials to projects under the following jurisdictions:

  • New York State Department of Transportation
  • New York State Thruway Authority
  • The Port Authority of NY/NJ
  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • Connecticut Department of Transportation
  • Massachusetts Department of Transportation
  • New York City Department of Transportation
  • New Hampshire Department of Transportation
  • Vermont Department of Transportation
  • Countless local municipalities

To accurately assess quality, the Peckham staff possesses a familiarity with each agency and its unique specifications. We also serve on a wide variety of technical committees and task forces. Our affiliations with all of the industry trade associations assure we are current with all the latest industry innovations.

Paving & Construction

Although we have grown to become one of the Northeast’s largest and most versatile material supplier, our roots are in highway construction. It’s where we began, more than 90 years ago, in 1924.

Reclamation & Milling

Peckham team members possess a desire to do things right, and we convert this goal into action with "full spectrum" testing and certification.

Quality Control

Peckham has developed a strict quality control program to ensure the production of superior quality products at every facility.