Paving & Construction Services

Expanding our expertise to meet the growing demands
of our customers throughout the Northeast.

Peckham began in 1924 as a construction company. We have expanded to include extensive construction materials production and supply capabilities that give us great control over every aspect of the project.

Wholly owned subsidiaries Peckham Road Corporation and Palmer Paving Corp provide comprehensive road paving and construction services throughout the Northeast. These services include consultation services, paving of all types, site work, maintenance, surface treatments, full depth reclamation and cold in-place recycling. Our expertise, and more than 90 years of road building experience, mean quality from start to finish.

Our reclamation process reduces highway maintenance costs up to 40% over a five-year period. By conserving natural resources, fuel and emissions through recycling of existing materials there is a reduction in the equipment required for the project. Learn more by reviewing our Cold In Place Recycling product information sheet.

Not all projects require full depth reclamation or recycling of the pavement surface. The Peckham team assesses each project thoroughly for the best solution including developing and coordinating a timeline and budget. Scope can range from full-depth reclamation and repaving to simpler maintenance measures such as chip seals that will extend pavement life.

Our goal is to provide you with the most durable and cost effective solution for your maintenance dollar. Our solutions are more than just surface quality, and we will incorporate our material science expertise to provide the best, customized solution for you.

Paving & Construction

Although we have grown to become one of the Northeast’s largest and most versatile material supplier, our roots are in highway construction. It’s where we began, more than 90 years ago, in 1924.

Reclamation & Milling

Peckham team members possess a desire to do things right, and we convert this goal into action with "full spectrum" testing and certification.

Quality Control

Peckham has developed a strict quality control program to ensure the production of superior quality products at every facility.