Raritan Township, located in central New Jersey was the latest addition to our list of successful Full Depth reclamation projects. This project was not deprived of unique challenges. New curbing was installed by the general contractor, DeSantis Construction. The outcome of the curbing installation left the profile of the existing streets as much as foot above target in some areas, and as much as foot below the target in others due to unforeseen circumstances.

In an effort to minimize removal of the reclaimed roadways, and maintain the physical properties associated to the mix design (ie. compressive strength, cement and water content), we were challenged with removing recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) from the high sections of the streets and placing it in low sections of the streets that encompassed this 20,000 square yard project.

One of the rewards of our success, is that we have positioned ourselves to permanently display the benefits of Full Depth Reclamation to Flemington, another township that is not yet a supporter of the full Depth reclamation process.

Flemington is one of 21 “Doughnut” townships in New Jersey. A doughnut township is one that is completely surrounded by only one township. The township surrounding Flemington is none other than Raritan.

Raritan, satisfied with the Full Depth Reclamation (cement stabilization) we provided in 2017, has confirmed and additional 20,000 square yards for 2018.

With continued success in Raritan, we will eventually get Flemington to trust in the process of Full Depth Reclamation.

Gene Vinson, Reclamation LLC