This month’s edition of New England Construction features an asphalt stabilization project completed by Reclamation, LLC in the summer of 2014. The Town of Becket Highway Department located in Massachusetts, were searching for a cost-effective method to fix a badly deteriorated section of Wade Inn Road. Unexpected high levels of truck traffic had exacerbated the normal wear of the aging roadway, and the town needed to rebuild it on a budget. They decided to take a chance on full-depth reclamation with asphalt stabilization, a process that had not previously been a part of their construction processes for roadway repair.

Reclamation, LLC, with our decades of stabilization experience, was fortunate enough to be the low bidder on this pilot project. We took samples from the deteriorated roadway and ran lab analysis’s to develop the correct mix design. We then got to work by reclaiming the road, adding asphalt emulsion to the old reclaimed roadway and placing it back where the former roadway once existed. After final grading and compaction were completed, the mix was left to cure for a week. Once cured the road was overlaid with binder and top by our longtime customer, DelSignore Blacktop Paving. As the article shows, the finished product more than met the Town’s expectations, and is expected to continue to be an important part of their maintenance program in the future.

Emilie Simoneau, Reclamation, LLC

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