J.A. Henckels Warehouse Floor Reconstruction, Pleasantville, NY

Project Team

Andy Lopes Building Corp., Byram Concrete & Supply, W.A. Kelly


Ready-Mix Concrete, Non-air Entrained Straight Cement Concrete Mix


Ready-Mix Concrete supply


Andy Lopes Building Corp.


J.A Henckels, world-renowned knife manufacturer, reconstructed a 4,000 square foot warehouse floor in Pleasantville, NY for their corporate headquarters. Andy Lopes Building Corp., the concrete subcontractor for W.A. Kelly in this project trusted none other than Bryam Concrete & Supply to help complete this project in just a few short weeks. With 1,600 cubic yards to be placed to recreate the floor for this warehouse, Andy Lopes Building Corp. knew the task at hand would be no simple feat, which is why they chose us to supply this project. We worked closely with the contractor to assure both the quality and on-time delivery. In about two weeks and about four large pours later the floor was completed 2” deep on top of the existing slab using a 4,000psi non-air entrained straight cement concrete mix. The contractor opted to use the latest of technologies on this project; a laser guided ride-on screed and four ride-on trowel machines. Once the concrete was finished, the floor had a durable glass-like surface. Andy Lopes Building Corp. couldn’t be happier with our service, and material, and we couldn’t be happier to be a part of this project.