Greenburgh Nature Center, Scarsdale, NY

Project Team

Byram Concrete & Supply, Nova Crete


Pervious Concrete


Parking Lot Construction


Greenburgh Nature Center


The Greenburgh Nature Center is getting a new parking lot, and it’s a far cry from the conventional way. They opted to pave their parking area with Pervious Concrete, which is beginning to trend in the Northeast area. Pervious Concrete is a system that works as a storm water solution and consists of Portland cement, pozzolan, aggregates, high range water reducer, hydration stabilizer, and a viscosity modifier (no sand/ “fines” or air entrainment, unlike conventional concrete) to create an open-graded drainage material. Placement of pervious concrete is also very different from what we all know. It requires a minimum of two layers (sometimes three) to make the “system” work and if one layer is not placed correctly the system will not work. The Pervious Concrete is the final layer and placed with a paver or roller. Once placed correctly there is no need for catch basins, or any other storm water solution, the water seeps right in through the concrete, down into the detention layer, and then absorbed by the soil! The certified Pervious Concrete contractor, Nova Crete knows what it takes to place Pervious Concrete correctly and with excellence, which is why they chose quality material from Byram Concrete, a choice supplier!