Emulsions & Liquids

Emulsions and Liquid Calcium Chloride


Peckham manufactures and supplies a complete line of asphalt emulsions that are used throughout the Northeastern U.S. Emulsions are versatile and may be used for chip seal, cold mix paving, full depth reclamation, base stabilization, cold in-place recycling, tack coat, micro surfacing, soil encapsulation and other more specialized uses. Municipalities and private clients – in both new road construction and in countless maintenance projects – have used Peckham’s emulsions extensively. Peckham produces both anionic and cationic emulsions at our facilities in New Windsor, NY and Athens, NY. Because of the large storage capacity of these locations, Peckham has the capability to produce many grades of emulsion simultaneously. This means customers are provided with emulsion that meets their specific need on time, every time.

Emulsions have long been used for chip seals and cold mix pavements as well as other pavement maintenance uses. We have extensive experience in both the application and the production of emulsions, and our technicians understand how critical the quality of the emulsion is. Peckham has built close relationships with some of the largest emulsifier suppliers around the world. These relationships allow Peckham to expand their knowledge base and expertise and to help customers solve unique problems and tackle difficult jobsite conditions.

Liquid Calcium Chloride

Calcium chloride is a very basic chemical with unique attributes that allow it to be used in many applications. Calcium chloride is hygroscopic and because of its affinity for atmospheric moisture, it works well to control dust.

Dirt roads are some of the most expensive roads to maintain. As a dust palliative, calcium chloride keeps dusty, unpaved roads from creating clouds of dust, thereby reducing the health hazards from asthma and other respiratory ailments. By keeping this material in the roadbed and not in the air, it maintains roadbed stability and helps reduce the costly annual maintenance of these unpaved roads.

Treating Dusty Roads with Liquid Calcium Chloride – Product Information Sheet

In winter, calcium chloride has an important ice melting capability that is far better than sodium chloride (i.e. rock salt) used alone. Calcium chloride melts ice to much lower temperatures and combining it with conventional salt application will reduce usage. By pre-wetting rock salt with liquid calcium chloride, a 30% reduction in the “bounce and scatter” is typically achieved which reduces the harm caused to vegetation and the environment. Calcium chloride reduces overall snow and ice control expenditures, helping to decrease maintenance costs in the winter months, and helps assure safe driving conditions at much lower temperatures.

Treating Icy Roads with Liquid Calcium Chloride – Product Information Sheet

Calcium chloride is a very versatile material that will help improve results in both winter and summer seasons. Peckham maintains a fleet of dedicated trucks and tankers needed to deliver, and apply, liquid calcium chloride. We are a reliable, conscientious supplier for critical needs during the winter months.

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