The City of White Plains is growing again with its first high rise in several years. Byram Concrete is the proud supplier of over 35,000 cubic yards of concrete at 55 Bank St. The project is being built by LRC Construction, and we supplied material every step of the way. Sisca Nwhats-new-pic-nov-bank-stortheast excavated and prepped the site, and then we started the mat pour for foundations for the two towers with Baker Concrete in February. After several 700-1,400 yard pours per day later, we are halfway there! Although the foundation was poured for two towers, the second tower is still in the design phase. We are halfway done with the 16 story Tower 1 and cannot wait to supply Tower 2. The super structure requires some heavy duty concrete mixes in the ranges of 5,000psi, 6,000psi, 8,000psi and 10,000psi concrete, which were expertly designed and tested by our certified in-house quality control department. This project has a special place for Byram Concrete since our business has such deep roots in the City of White Plains. We couldn’t be prouder to be a part of the still up and coming development in our very own city!

Gary Metcalf, Peckham Industries Inc.