The Chestertown crew, along with the PII safety department, served lunch to truckers on the fly on a busy Friday in June. The Chestertown plants have been straight out BUSY the last several weeks as we supply several NYSDOT jobs.

Kubricky Construction’s reconstruction of Route 28 is from Indian Lake to Blue Mountain Lake in the heart of the Adirondacks; we have over 28 trucks headed that way as we complete the 40,000+ tons of blacktop. Simultaneously, there has been an additional 25 trucks running to the Essex County highway crew. PRC has been paving Route 8 in Johnsburg as well throughout June. A great blacktop year in Chester, coupled with some good stone jobs like the 25,000 tons of aggregate headed to the new campground at Frontier Town (Exit 29) has kept the production crews putting in long, hard days.

Lunch, served with a side of safety information, was provided as gratitude for the hard work our truckers, QC staff, and all the PII employees are doing in Chestertown. We cannot stress enough how appreciative we are of everyone’s hard work and dedication. Thank you to everyone for making Peckham Materials Corp. the company it is today!

Peter Simoneau, Peckham Materials Corp.