Peckham Materials has successfully added elastormeric polymer to our CMS-2 emulsion.  The revamped cold mix emulsion, CMS-2P, is used in cold mix paving with our pugmill and conventional paver process. With the addition of the polymer, Peckham Materials Corp. can now offer the benefits of a flexible pavement, all while gaining the added strength and stability of the polymer.  This follows the polymer modification trend that we are seeing nationally in hot mix pavements to create a better mix.

The cost impact as compared to a conventional CMS-2 emulsion is minimal and the benefits are maximum. The pugmill combined with a conventional paver has proven to be a very viable way deliver the cold mix material. Cold mix material is mixed through our pugmill and then loaded into trucks.  There is little to no residue left in the body of the trucks! Once the pugmill mixed material is on the job site, it is placed using a conventional hot mix paver.  This provides the smoothest road possible and allows us to increase the production rate of material by up to 50%, thus reducing the cost to the customer.

We discovered an additional benefit while working with CMS-2P. The polymer modified mix proved to set quicker than a conventional CMS-2 emulsion produced mix thus allowing placement in more diverse locations and in less than ideal weather conditions. Tried and true CMS-2P is paving the way for the future of emulsions. We look forward to discussing this new product with you and we are confident of its success!

Kevin McCarthy, Peckham Materials Corp.