With close to 95 years in the Construction Industry you can say that we know our business. But here, at Peckham Industries we continue to evaluate what we do in order to provide the best possible service to our customers.

We’ve not only upgraded internally to produce material more efficiently, safer and with the utmost quality, but we continue to focus on our “Customer Experience”. In doing so, we have embraced the continued growth in technology and we are helping our customers help themselves by using new methods to monitor their projects, from field to office.

Recently, we have introduced our new “Load Tracking” program. With this program, our customers can communicate between the HMA plants and the jobsite to track their vehicles from loading to turnaround times.  Our initial feedback from our customers have shown that this new tool has greatly assisted them in their field operations and in completing and scheduling their projects.

Secondly, our “Customer Texting Program” is a tool that will send a text to designated personnel within your operation and inform them of plant openings and closings. By providing such, you as the customer can schedule projects and re-route trucks should the need arise.

Finally, our “Customer Portal” which you can register via our website, can provide you copies of daily tickets and invoices for your specific projects. A new addition to this system is our E-Invoicing which can provide you your invoices right to your in-box. This is greatly assisting our customers in getting timely payments from their customers.

As you can see, all these communication tools will allow you, our customer, to focus on the project and less on the material. It is our mission, here at Peckham Industries to work hard on new and improved ways to better meet your needs.

Rocco Circosta, Peckham Materials Corp.