The employees and management of Peckham Industries all share a commitment to each other that each person who works for the company will go home as healthy as they arrived at work in the morning.  That sometimes can be a difficult goal to achieve, and that goal requires a lot of effort to reach.  We work in an industry that can be very dangerous.  Between crushing stone, making hot mix asphalt, paving roads and performing all forms of highway maintenance we are constantly in the presence of potential hazards.  We are exposed to heavy equipment, potentially dangerous electrical and mechanical power, traffic and many other hazards on a daily basis.  Our safety group is constantly monitoring, tracking, auditing and correcting safety and safety deficiencies.

To maintain a proactive approach of being S.A.F.E. (Staying Accident Free Everywhere), during the non-production months of January through March we do extensive safety training.   The training goes on for multiple weeks at many different locations. All of our employees go through these training sessions, which can sometimes be very tedious. The training includes MSHA, OSHA, electrical safety, confined space, driver and hazard communication training and many other training subcomponents.  There are so many elements that go into training and safety awareness.  In the end, the safety training and management are all aimed at that one goal: to make sure that we all go home from work safe and healthy.  We all strive each and every day to achieve this goal and cannot be prouder of our employees who go the extra mile each day to achieve safety success!

Joe Wildermuth, Peckham Industries Inc.